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“Highly recommended orthopedic doctor Dr. Vishal Chaudhary! Provided excellent care for my mom’s knee pain. My mom’s recovery has been remarkable under their care. Additionally, their friendly nature and willingness to give ample time to explain and courteous demeanor made the entire experience comforting.” Keep up the good work doc! 🙂

Priyanka Girdonia, 32 years

Dr. Vishal Chaudhari is really good. Recently, I took his appointment for my father’s back pain issue. He provided the perfect diagnosis and provided with appropriate medicines. The good thing is that he never suggests unnecessary tests and X-rays. He is not a money maker like others we have experienced in the market.

Shweta Menkudale, 32 years

I’m suffering, slip Disc and knee problem but after taking he’s treatment I’m perfectly all right so highly recommend to the vishal Chaudhari doctor..bcoz he’s very professional & experienced doctor. 🤗

Kavita, 28 years

Dr. Vishal Choudhari is really a good and skilled doctor. I had an experience as he treated my husband who had a sports injury but due to him and his skilled advice my husband got cured. Thank you so much sir for all your help and guidance always.

Dr. Arpita Singh, 31 years

Knowing Dr.Vishal over 5 years now, our family trusts him implicitly in matters of ortho care. He treated my major ankle fractures. Needing surgery and implants, it has turned out pretty well. I am now able to run and play. Thanks you Dr. Vishal for taking care of us with patience and humane way.

Vinay Dayananda, 42 years

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